Auroville Film Institute is manifestation of the long standing dream of the Mother (Mirra Alfassa – the founder of Auroville) of having a “cinema studio, a cinema school…” in Auroville.

Dedicated to the cinema of awakening, the Auroville Film Institute has following guiding principles:

Unending education and constant progress.

Technical training for mastery over the art and craft of filmmaking.

Time travel : Create narrative vehicles taking us from deepest within to farthest around in the past, present and the future; widening our consciousness, giving us ‘Darshan’ / insight.

Courageous flights between dreams, realities and alternatives.

Critical appreciation, mentoring and production of conscious cinema
also of innovative experimental multimedia art forms.

Human Unity

We are beginning to offer a series of film appreciation and film making courses in collaboration with India’s premier film institute, Film and Television Institute of India, Pune (ftii.ac.in). We are also beginning to organise film study groups, individualized mentorship and student exchange programmes.

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