Film Institute, Auroville is the manifestation of one of the visions of the Mother of having ‘…a cinema studio, a cinema school…’ in Auroville.

Film Institute, Auroville project was initiated on 15th August 2019 with its first programme – ‘Film appreciation – history and aesthetics’ in collaboration with India’s premiere film institute – Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Film Institute, Auroville since then offers a range of short term courses – onsite as well as online, independently as well as in collaboration with other institutes and organizations. Long term courses are under preparation.

Auroville is an intentional universal township – commended by UNESCO as the first and only internationally endorsed ongoing experiment in human unity and transformation of consciousness. Auroville is committed to promote international understanding, peace, innovative education, a learning society and all-round material and spiritual development for harmonious individual and collective growth. The newly developing Film Institute project concurs with its commitment to the multicultural ethos of Auroville and its dedication to human unity and transformation of consciousness. Its cinema-centric learning journeys are designed to integrate world cinema and world citizenship, experimenting with a new pedagogy, encouraging new practices of conscious cinema.

Located off the Coromandel coast, by the sea-side, nestled in rural Tamil villages and hamlets, Auroville has some of the most enthralling regenerated forests with a futuristic city in the making. Currently resided by the people from 59 nationalities, Auroville can be considered a microcosm of larger humanity. The Film Institute has a ‘base camp’ in Auroville on the 1st floor of Auroville Archives Building near Town Hall – while the whole of Auroville, its neighborhood and beyond is an extending ground of exploration and experimentation, an endless place of learning… 

Film Institute, Auroville is a project of Timelines registered with the Auroville Arts Service, under the Auroville Foundation, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. 

Richa Hushing and Rrivu Laha are the Project Directors.

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