Space in Cinema; Time in Architecture

1st May, 2020 to 4th May, 2020

Status: Opening shortly

Documentary film-making workshop in Ladakh – by Richa Hushing and Rrivu Laha

18th May, 2020 to 21st June, 2020

Status: Open

Sound Design masterclass – by Madhu Apsara

8th Jan, 2020 to 11th Jan, 2020

Status: Closed

Editing masterclass – by Amitabh Chakraborty

4th Jan, 2020 to 7th Jan, 2020

Status: Closed

Status: Closed

Foundation in Direction – by Sudipto Acharyya

24th Dec, 2019 to 27th Dec, 2019

Status: Closed

Hands On! shoot a short with Umesh Kulkarni

11th Nov to 17th Nov, 2019

Status: Closed

Film appreciation – history and aesthetics by Sudipto Acharyya

30th Nov to 7th Oct, 2019

Status: Closed

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