3 years of Film Institute @Auroville

Today, 15th August 2022 – 75th year of India’s independence and 150th Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo – this day also marks the 3rd anniversary of Auroville Film Institute’s formal initiation.

Film Institute at Auroville concurs with the experimental ethos of Auroville, applying the integral education approach.

What began as a dream, today in 3 years time had blossomed into a community of hundreds of co-learners participating in cinema centric journeys – with a certain transformative potential. 

The pandemic gave us all a chance to pause and reflect inwards. Auroville Film Institute assisted this inward gaze and introspection. The institute via its online workshops, created space for emerging stories, helping participants to acquire a language, a possible form of expression. We tried to facilitate always a conscious engagement with media in the post pandemic, post cinema, new media environment – both as media consumers as well as media practitioners – encouraging our participants to reclaim the agency over their own narratives and empower them with the craft of cinematic construction.

Today, as the world opens up and moves head on, leaving behind the lockdown days… we open ourselves up too, questioning ourselves – what it takes to be a free film school…

From here on , we march on – exploring a new ways of learning, collaborating and co-creating through cinema-centric learning journeys.

Welcome to the adventure !

Know more and join us here !


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