4pm, 9th March :
‘Televisnu’ by Prithi Gowda

15 min / India / 2011  A surreal tale of a young Indian woman who tries to fix her computer but ends up fixing her life.
4pm, 10th March :
‘My Body’ by Semmalar Annam

18min / India / 2020A young woman does something unpredictable when 2 perverted men challenge her very existence. 
4pm, 11th & 12th March :
‘Hellaro’ by Abhishek Shah

121 min / India / 2019In 1975, a young girl named Manjhri married off to a small village in the Rann of Kutch. There has been no rain in the village for many years due to a curse. Until one night with the beat of drums magic happens.
4pm, 13th March :
‘Kamlabai’ by Reena Mohan

46 min / India / 1992

An endearing portrait of India’s first lady actor. 
4pm, 14th March : by Mani Kaul
An Indian Woman – an historical assessment

20 min / India / 1975
This film fathoms history – of matriarchy and patriarchy, of morality, of oppressive anti-woman modes.
4pm, 15th March :
Gay India Matrimony by Debolina Majumder
68 min / India / 2019

The film revolves around three characters who are out to explore same-gender  marriage prospects. This drives everyone around them into complete frenzy.
4pm, 16th March :
Love Song… by Richa Hushing
30 min / India / 2008

A film exploring certain uncertainties, questioning conventional notions of marriage, belonging and morality in an urban Indian milieu.
4pm, 17th March :
City Girls by Priya Thuvaserry
28 min / India / 2021‘City Girls’ by Priya Thuvassery is an intimate portrayal of two young girls from small towns of India now living in Delhi. What it means for a young woman brought up in an ‘elsewhere’ she’s longed to escape from all her life.
4pm, 18th March :
The Last Rhododendron by Yashasvi Juyal
38 min / India / 2020

‘The Last Rhododendron’ narrates the journey of a conflict where one generation is connected to the possibilities of the city, and the other is tethered to the survival of their land.
4pm, 19th March :
Lajwanti by Pushpendra Singh
65 min / India / 2014A folk tale set in the Thar Desert explores the inner struggles of a married woman to honour a dream and in that search find the higher meaning of love and freedom.
Pushpendra will be available for a Q&A. 

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