STUDY CIRCLE – 24th – 28th April, 2023

The Fat and the Lean (1961, 16mins ), Roman Polanski
A small and thin barefoot slave (played by Polanski) plays a flute and beats a drum to entertain his large master who rocks in a rocking chair in front of his mansion.

Tues / 25-04-23 / Screening
Au Hasard Bresson (1967, 32 mins.), Theodor Kotulla
Documentary Short Film about the filming of ‘Mouchette’. A must watch for all the admirers of Robert Bresson’s work.

Wed / 26-04-23 / Screening
Notre Musique (2004, 80mins.,), Jean Luc Godard
Introduction by DebKamal Ganguly
The film reflects on violence, morality, and representation. A blend of fiction and non- fiction forms; where Goddard plays himself in the film.

Thurs / 27-04-23 / Screening
The Killer (1956, 22 mins.), Andrei Tarkovsky

A student film by the Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky and his fellow students Marika Beiku and Aleksandr Gordon. It is based on the short story The Killers by Ernest Hemingway.

Fri / 28-04-23 / Screening
a donkey’s wandering, (2022, 30 mins.), Swanand Kottewar

produced as a part of AVFI workshop ‘Separation’ by Kamal Swaroop
Palash; in his chaotic work calls and routine, spots a donkey standing in the middle of a busy street. In a curious connection, he starts looking for his whereabouts over the weekend. Curiosity translates into responsibility, as their bond grows closer in a material and preoccupied world.

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