STUDY CIRCLE – 15th – 19th May, 2023

Venue: Auroville Film Institute, India Space, Bharat Nivas
Time: 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Mon |15-05-23| Screening
The Society of Spectacle (Guy Debord; 1974, 88mins.)
You don’t hate Mondays, you hate capitalism. Satirical and self-critical film
adaptation of Guy Debord’s theoretical masterpiece, and a frontal attack on
the all-encompassing spectacle we live in.

Tues |16-05-23 | Screening
Introduction to the End of an Argument (Jayce Salloum, Elia Sulieman; 1990, 41 mins.)
This highly kinetic tableaux of uprooted sights and sounds works most
earnestly to expose the racial biases concealed in familiar images.

Wed |17-05-23 | Presentation
‘Nostalgia of the Migrant’ by Debkamal Ganguly
A research proposal in artistic practice, where using concepts and strategies of creation and evocation of cinematic spaces, the phenomenological states of the condition of being migrant would be

Thurs | 18-05-23 | Reading
Gazing at The Third Apple: Decoding Prabhakar Barwe’s Visual Cognition by Jesal Thacker Decoding Indian painter, Barwe’s practice through observation of his
paintings, writings and notations against the backdrop of a psychological and philosophical context.

Fri | 19-05-23 | Presentation
Exploring Orientalist Ideas of Indian Spirituality A query and a discussion moderated by Surya M.
Film Institute @ Auroville is delighted to introduce an open study circle, 6:00 to 7:30 pm at the Auroville Film Institute, India Space, Bharat Nivas.
The Study Circle is designed in concurrence with the ongoing research and academic pursuits of the Film Institute Fellows. The sessions are open for all.

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