Appreciation of Experimental Cinema

Dates: To be announced soon

Workshop  Overview:
From the very inception of narrative cinema there has been a group of film makers who steered clear from the causal connections & storytelling formats. They come from varied backgrounds like Dadaism, Constructivism, Psychology and the Sciences. They found in the flickering image of cinema the magic and mystery of life, as immersive as the mother’s womb and as vital as the primal forces of nature. They have questioned every tenant considered holy by the narrative film makers. In the process these experimental film makers have managed to renew the film goer’s relationship with cinema and never let it grow old. The suspicion with which the world of cinema looks at experimental film makers is tinted with awe and a secret admiration that gives rise to progressive assimilation of the fruits of experiments into the narrative.
This workshop will take the participants through this magical experience of experimental cinema that opens up perception towards sensory impulses from it’s early practitioners like Luis Bunuel, Maya Deren, Rene Clair, Stan Brackhage, Chris Marker to the contemporary Jonas Mekas and from performance and conceptual art to the logic of data base. The participants will be exposed to the ruthlessly individualistic & subjective interrogation of the restless minds of some great experimental film makers that prise open the taboo, the unsaid and the unchartered.

Course duration: 3 Days

Medium of Instruction: English

Method of Training and Interaction: The online course will be conducted on ‘GoogleMeet’. Details will be shared with each participant. The course will be a combination of lectures, followed by live interactions

Course director: Sudipto Acharyya
Sudipto Acharyya has studied cinema at FTII, Pune, with specialization in Direction and Screenplay Writing; and Masters in Film Studies from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Sudipto has a long engagement with teaching Cinema in various institutions like Film and Television Institute of India – Pune, Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute – Kolkata, Roop Kala Kendro, Kolkata Film & Television Institute and Centre for Film & Television – Allahabad University. He is currently a Senior Faculty at Whistling Woods International – Mumbai. He has presented academic papers on cinema at film schools like Lithuania Music and Theatre Academy – Vilnius, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts – Chapman University, Witwatersrand University – Johannesburg and Bilgi University – Istanbul. He is part of an Artistic Research project involving BRICS nation that looks at social interstices with the help of cinematic practices. He has directed several short films & one feature length film for television and other institutions. His film ‘Harbour Line’ and ‘Weekend Chill’ has travelled widely to national and international festivals.

Selection Criteria
Participants will be selected in first –come- first – served basis.

If you are interested please write to us we will keep you posted

I am interested in ‘Appreciation of experimental cinema with Sudipto Acharyya’

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