Thoughts in times of ‘Lockdown’

Featuring short films made by participants of 8 days online film making workshop ‘Film your thoughts in times of lockdown’.

Checkout our upcoming workshop, Hands on! Basic Film Orientation, in association with Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, from 6th to 14th July, 2020. Limited Seats.

‘Leftover: Food in the time of Corona’ – by Annika Amber 

‘Sweat-less’ – by Deepa Kiran 

’46 Cornerstone’ – by Kamal Mitra 

‘My Space’ – by Birgitta Volz 

‘Lockdown Musings’ by Dinesh Khemani

‘Heal’ – by Viswaik S Sujan

‘Niras’ – By Akhshay Srivastava

‘Shackled’ – by Oommen T Jacob

‘Saudade’ – By Nikhil Subramanian

‘Stuck’ – by Akhil Menon

‘Marooned’ – by Abin Thomas 
Daydreaming’ by Sanket Ray

‘The Morning Tea’ – by Kapil Chopra

‘Untitled’ – by Ravi Kumar Kawre
‘Where is the silver lining’ – by Monisa Qadri 

‘My Quarantine’ – by Ekta Gupta

‘Locked but not down’ – by Vidya Kulkarni
‘Unlocked’ – by Crystal Miriam Oommen

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