Space in Cinema; Time in Architecture

While Time is seen as the primary domain of interest within the field of moving image practices, Spatial understanding and design are seen as the work of architecture and urban planning. However, each has a significant influence and affect on the other. Space in Cinema; Time in Architecture is a four-day workshop that will explore the possible overlaps between the two disciplines of Cinema and Architecture. It will look at the possible learnings for each discipline from the expertise of the other. The programme will include screenings and exercises in detailed analysis through the interdisciplinary framework of fiction and documentary film, architecture and visual art.

Documentary film-making workshop in Ladakh

18th May to 21st June 2020. At Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh Course Overview To practice documentary film making – as a method to observe, assimilate and critically express human actions, emotions and ideals – in context of local culture and environment. To apply the principles of Deep Ecology and thus anchor the film makingContinue reading “Documentary film-making workshop in Ladakh”