Documentary film-making workshop in Ladakh

18th May to 21st June 2020. At Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh Course Overview To practice documentary film making – as a method to observe, assimilate and critically express human actions, emotions and ideals – in context of local culture and environment. To apply the principles of Deep Ecology and thus anchor the film makingContinue reading “Documentary film-making workshop in Ladakh”

Editing Masterclass

Course Editing Masterclass Dates4th to  7th Jan 2020 Venue Auroville Timelines – Temporary Station, 1st Floor Auroville Archives Building, Auroville, Tamil Nadu – 605101 /  Aurofilm, Kalabhumi, Auroville – Tamil Nadu – 605101. Course Overview & Highlights Learn Editing – as the core of cinema with Amitabh Chakraborty – editor of critically acclaimed and cult filmsContinue reading “Editing Masterclass”