14th April – 24th April, 2023 @ Auroville THE MIME OF THINGS is a ten plus one day (full day) course from 14th to 24th April, 2023 with Drupad Gaonkar (a.k.a Blip) on the subjective aspects of objective THINGS that we encounter in our day to day life and how Mimes use them as MetaphorsContinue reading “THE MIME OF THINGS”

Still to  Motion Photography (basics) 

In Auroville With Rrivu Laha (Cinematographer & Filmmaker) DATES:6th March to 29th May 2023.  Mondays & Thursdays; 10:30am to 12:30pmTotal 24 sessions;  2 sessions a week – for 12 weeks over 3 months.  COURSE OVERVIEW: This course is particularly aimed for beginners of Motion Picture Photography. With this perspective, starting with still photography, participants willContinue reading “Still to  Motion Photography (basics) “

Hands On Documentary Film Workshop @ Ladakh

Creative Documentary Practice

Acting in Cinema

A 15 Days Workshop for Actors and Directors with Pushpendra Singhin Auroville from 20th March to 2nd April 2023. OVERVIEW : Delighted to offer a 15 days workshop in Auroville for cine actors and directors – to be executed in 2 units – with Pushpendra Singh. The 1st Unit will be theoretical and analytical. TheContinue reading “Acting in Cinema”

Space in Cinema; Time in Architecture

Interdisciplinary exploration of cinema and architecture.