Film your thoughts in lockdown times (Third edition)

This workshop from 25th to 31st May 2020, will familiarise the participants with the basics of media and audio-visual storytelling – to enable them to produce their own stories within the confines of their own spaces; using handy equipment like personal computers, cell phones or any other cameras/ gadgets readily available at home.

Cinematography & Production masterclass

CourseCinematography & Mise-en-Scene Production Workshop Dates28th Dec 2019 to 3rd Jan 2020 VenueAuroville Timelines – Temporary Station, 1st Floor Auroville Archives Building, Auroville, Tamil Nadu – 605101 /  Aurofilm, Kalabhumi, Auroville – Tamil Nadu – 605101. Course OverviewParticipants will have basic theory, orientation and practical sessions with a master cinematographer. Camera practicals will deal withContinue reading “Cinematography & Production masterclass”